What is the difference between goals and dreams


The Difference is Goals are for Grown-ups; Dreams begin in childhood

The Difference between goals and dreamsEveryone agrees that goals are important and I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the importance of writing your goals down. Somehow it makes a huge difference. So set your goals for and please write them down. But what is the difference between goals and dreams?

If you are having problems keeping your goals, then I’m going to guess that it is probably because you don’t have a really big dream. For example let’s say your goal is to lose 25 pounds. That is a good goal, but why do you want to lose the weight? If you can’t answer that question with passion, then again you probably haven’t tapped into your imagination and come up with big bold dreams.

Now if you set a goal to lose weight because you were going to go to a reunion or on a cruise, would that be a better motivator? Sure. You have a reason to diet and exercise so it makes it easier to go to the gym or resist sweets. The difference between goals and dreams is being able to see the bigger picture. Goals are the grown-up task of getting things done and checking it off your list. Dreams are the childhood imagination part where you have to be creative and come up with exciting reasons to as to why you want to achieve your goal.

The difference between goals and dreams:
Goals are based in reality – Dreams require imagination

In my book Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life I talk a lot about imagination, motivation, and finding your dreams. To further help understand the difference between goals and dreams, look at the list below.

  • Dreams are unrealistic, full of imagination, and loaded with obstacles in your path
  • Goals are measurable with structured steps and procedures to keep you on the right path.
  • Dreams begin in childhood because kids think the unimaginable
  • Goals are an adult concept based on what is real and practical
  • Dreams become goals
  • Goals become reality

Here is another example. Let’s say you have always wanted to walk down the beach enjoying the body of your dreams. Great! Don’t let reality get in the way. Keep that vision in your head. Now add to it. Where is the beach? Hawaii maybe. And why are you there? On a honeymoon, or even a 2nd honeymoon. Why not? Again, hold on tight to that image and let your imagination turn those thoughts into your dream. A romantic trip in paradise… is that even possible? Sure! But you must give your dreams time to take root.

Now how much easier is it to get motivated to lose weight when your vision is of yourself in great shape walking down a beach in paradise. Maybe you could find a personal trainer to help you get in shape. Maybe you could read about tropical places you would like to visit someday, as you sweat on the treadmill. And  maybe, someday you might consider a dating service or even marriage counseling.  All of this because you shifted your thoughts from a reality based goal, and gave your brain permission to dream.


Read more motivating lessons about dreams from Susan Sherbert’s book:

What are your dreams? Please make a comment, below I’d like to hear about your dreams and goals. 

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