Give and Receive Freely


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 2

 “Give and Receive Freely with
No Conditions or Expectations

Day 2 give and receive

30 days of life lesson quotes. Like most of my quotes, the lesson is simple yet meaningful. However there is a bit of a twist. For many it’s the receiving part that can be difficult.

We have learned to become skeptical when we accept something from others or we forget to appreciate the thoughtfulness and devalue the kindness being offered with unconscious deflections such as “Oh you shouldn’t have.”

Maybe it’s time to bring back your childhood schooling and remember that it truly is the thought that counts. See the gratitude in the gift and don’t feel bad about receiving kindness from others. Accept the present, compliment, or assistance without the guilt. Welcome, receive, and appreciate the generosity others choose to give.

This White Hat Awareness Life Lesson Quote is from the chapter on Gratitude in “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” by Susan Sherbert

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