Gain Respect by Standing Out


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 10

“Don’t try to fit in. Gain respect by standing out!”

30 days of life lesson quotes. Just because you prefer something different doesn’t make you bad, wrong, or an outcast. Too often we think that if we agree with someone they will like us, but trying to belong doesn’t mean we have to be the same. Uniqueness is important because we are all different. Of course we want to fit in and be loved, yet we should also want to be recognized for our own unique contributions as well.

One day a friend was asked her opinion about a concert and she actually had the nerve to respond that she didn’t like it. The answer was not your typical soft, compromising, well it was all right, kind of answer. The response was a bold, clear statement of her feelings and I was a bit surprised. Of course I didn’t much like the concert either, but a relative was singing in the show, therefore, I had totally been expecting some kind of vague response. If I had been asked the question first, I might have “fudged” my answer to appear nice. What was I thinking!

People have different views of the world so grow-down (as opposed to up) and speak honestly like a child. Once you find the courage to have an open and honest opinion people will admire you more for being true to who you are instead of just going along with the crowd. You gain trust and respect by standing out with your actions and that just may help you become one of the leaders in the group you are trying so hard to please. The reality is trying to please people only helps us blend in and go unnoticed. Being honest and being ourselves is what will make us popular with the right kind of people – the people who like us and accept us for who we are.

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