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Sunday, October 18 – 2:30 – 4:40

Susan Sherbert at the San Juan Capistrano book store

Grown-ups Don’t Skip is now available at the San Juan Capistrano Library bookstore!

SJC Library bookstoreMy book “Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have Fun Be Happy Enjoy Life” takes the qualities and traits of child-like thinking and expands those qualities into lessons that will inspire people to think differently and take better actions. It will inspire you to find your passion and remember to dream so you can have more fun and enjoy life. How simple is that!

People who volunteer are a perfect example of ways to get out and enjoy life! Folks who donate their time to make their community a better place deserve to wear the white hat. These people are passionate about their cause so they are happy to donate their time and resources. And even though the majority of their kindness goes unnoticed, it’s okay because recognition is not why these good guys do what they do.

I would consider Mary D at the Friends of the San Juan Capistrano Library to be a good guy hero because she absolutely loves books and the people who write them. It is thanks to her that Grown-ups Don’t Skip is now available for sale at San Juan Capistrano bookstore, and that I am able to speak at her lecture series. But it gets even better because she doesn’t just put books on a shelf and leave it at that. The people at this friendly used bookstore also hold a whole series of workshops, lectures, and events to benefit readers, authors and the community as a whole. All of this and they expect nothing in return. Doing what you enjoy and sharing your passion with others is something that should inspire us all.

But wait there is more!

SJC Library Susan Sherbert with cartoon

The Friends of the Library even arranged a photography sessions for some of their authors. Didn’t Monique Dodge do a great job with this photo! Contact the library for more information about Monique’s photography, or better yet, stop by the bookstore! You never know what fun and interesting books you may uncover. Reading and education are positive traits, and so is gratitude so be sure to thank the volunteers as you leave the store with a pile of books full of knowledge and discovery.  

San Juan Capistrano Friends Library logo

SJC Friends of the Library

THE Bookstore - on Historic El Camino Real
31495-A El Camino Real
THE Bookstore Phone:  (949) 493-2688
THE Bookstore Hours:  Mon-Sat: 10-5/Sun: 12-5


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“Susan Sherbert’s remarkable insights will help you transform your old way of thinking and have you looking at problems from a different angle.  A must-read for any entrepreneur!”

Mike Ludlum
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