Step 3 Find Joy – Remember the WOW


Find joy in everyday things

Find Joy There are two basic components to find joy in our lives. The first is to remember what it feels like to live in the moment. This is important because the wonderment of wow can only be found in the now. Wow doesn’t exist in the past, and you can’t experience wow in the future. Wow is now.

The other component to discovering the wow is to find joy in everyday things. To do this you must begin to see things in a new light. As a kid everything was new, different and exciting. The world was full of wonder, amazement and curiosity. As we age we gain knowledge and that makes the wow harder to find. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to turn the old into the new; to go from boring to interesting, to become curious about the world again. To find joy and happy times again.

You don’t have to look very far to find joy in your life

One day I was in a mall and I happened to notice a little kid in a stroller. His eyes lit up and I heard him whisper “WOW.” I looked around to see what he was looking at and I noticed there were some holiday lights on display. Moments before, I had walked right passed the exact same display and I didn’t even notice the darn thing. It was not new to me. I have seen so many twinkling lights in my life that I never gave them a second thought. But to that little child, those simple lights were a big WOW. To children, almost everything they do has an element of fun. They aren’t set in their ways with the same old routines. Ordinary things are fascinating, and daily life is interesting and exciting. They don’t get up in morning, grab a cup of coffee, and spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready for the day.

“Kids wake up in the morning and take what the world brings; adults wake up in the morning and want to go back to bed.”

Kids haven’t “done it all before” so they are curious about things. Everyday is filled with WOW. Even a simple afternoon at the park, or a day in their own back yard is interesting because kids find joy in grass and trees. They are inquisitive and become entranced by the most unexpected things. A patch of grass becomes a place of dirt, bugs and imagination. Kids could be playing with a ball one minute, and on their hands and knees examining a spider, or an ant, the next. Everything fascinates them so intensely that the world around them almost ceases to exist. Kids don’t need to find joy because they wake up with it every day.

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