Every Choice Matters!


Day 1 every choice matters

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 1

 Every Choice We Make Matters” 

Welcome to my 30 days of life lesson quotes. This quote came from a chapter about risks and the choices we make everyday. I chose to start with this quote because like with so many of my lesson, it’s simple yet there is so much more to it. In fact, the basis of all of my books and blogs are about just that… learing to view the world with the pure and simple mindset of a child. Adults too often make life way more complicated than it has to be. 

Right now my choice is to keep this post short and simple so here is a paragraph from A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses that I would like to share:

We need to bring some of our choices up to the surface so we can become fully awake and aware of the thoughts and feelings that influence our actions. Our success depends on it. It doesn’t matter if our choices are influenced by mom or dad. It doesn’t matter if we decide to take a risk or play it safe. What is important is that every choice we make matters! The more we can become aware of the reasons behind our decisions, the more we will make better decisions in the future.”

No need to complicate things by saying anything more. Another post to come tomorrow.


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