Dreams and Imagination may not match the life we visualize


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 13

“Dreams may not match the life we visualize –
they are often so much better”

Dreams may not match what we visualize - they are often so much better

30 days of life lesson quotes. In my books I talk a lot about dreams and imagination. We must find that spark or image that will grow into our dreams. The problem is too often the way life turns out doesn’t exactly match the image we have been carrying around in our heads. Usually life is so much better! And that is what my rose colored glasses is all about! Seeing the things you need to see!

The first thing you need to “see” is your dreams. You need an image in your head that you can build and grow into a life you love. That is the clarity I encourage you to find. I mean how can you accomplish great things if you first don’t have grand ideas in your head for you brain to work on. So bring back your imagination and dream away!

Next you need to “see” and accept the possibility that things may turn out different from what you imagined. Of course reality is part of the equation so there will be some really difficult obstacles placed in your path, but in the end your success is likely to end up far beyond anything you could have first imagined.

Keep on dreaming – just remember to give those ideas permission to change and grow!

This Life Lesson Quote is a topic discussed in both “Grown-Ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life” and “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses


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