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A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses by Susan Sherbert


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A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses
Unlocking Your Power Through Clarity and Action
by Susan Sherbert

In my first book Grown-ups Don’t Skip, I focused on showing grown-ups how to have more fun and enjoy life by learning to think like an excited little four year old. I am very proud of the ideas within those pages and I believe in that message one hundred percent, yet this next book is so much more! It takes that “think like a child” foundation and blasts the concept into a whole new dimension. What I did not fully realize when I wrote that first book was the massive impact, and pure power, that comes from the mindset of a child. 

Clarity and Action – See the things you need to see and then do the things you need to do. I promise, you won’t have to read past the first story to understand the impact this book will have on your thinking. Click to download your PDF

7 ways welcome cover

7 Simple Ways to Have More FUN by Susan Sherbert.  Enjoy this free PDF. It is a quick yet insightful read that will help you add more fun to your life. For example, if someone invites you to a party – GO! The purpose of a party is get people together to have a good time so why would you not go. You never know who you will meet and the chances are you will end up ha ving a good time, but you have to show up. To have more FUN you have to go outside your comfort zone. Stop waiting for someone to knock on your door to ask if you can come out to play. Fun is up to you!


Exercise Corny JokesFitness corny jokes

JOKE: What do you call a man obsessed with working out



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Cat corny jokes

 Cat Humor and Corny Jokes

JOKE: How do you get a cat to stop scratching?
ANSWER: You push the PAUSE (paws)

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Cat Corny Jokes


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If you know someone who likes dogs
and want to share the happiness

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Dog Corny Jokes 



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