Doodling is FUN and Good For You Too


Grab a pen and let the creativity flow – because Doodling is FUN

How fun is this! Do any of these fun doodles inspire you to get creative? The above drawings are by Javier Pérez aka cintascotch, an artist and illustrator from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Each doodle drawn by him, incorporates everyday objects like paper clips, coins and scissors. These creative ideas make doodling FUN!

If you are not inspired to pick up a pen yet,  Oprah Magazine says “Doodling can boost your mind’s ability to notice and remember mundane information by nearly 30 percent…”

Doodling is fun with something as simple as a pen cap

doodling is fun

More doodling fun!

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Spirograph  remember this! I used up a lot of paper with this fun creative toy. Humm… I wonder what happened to all of the lovely works of art I created? But doodling is fun and it is the process that is important, not the end result



sand draw android app

Doodling FUN phone App

Creative Doodling  App  This is a fun app for your phone. Enjoy the doodling fun and then shake your phone to have the waves wash your scribbles away. Check it out and be sure to watch the video! 


Etch A Sketch

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Etch A Sketch  This doodling blog wouldn’t be complete without this classic toy. Draw, erase, and start over again.



Doogling Robot

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Doodling Robot How fun is this! A bit more high tec then the Etch A Scketch or Spirograph. Imagine all the crazy artwork you could create with this fun doodling toy.



doodle revolution

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Hardcover book for creative thinkers

“Doodling has led to countless breakthroughs in science, technology, medicine, architecture, literature, and art. And as Brown proves in this inspiring, empowering book, it can help all of us think and do better in whatever fields we pursue.”



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