Don’t question your decisions

Learn from your decisions don't questions them

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 5

 “Don’t question your decisions – learn from them”

30 days of life lesson quotes. Your frame of mind is something to be aware of when making a decision. If you are confident and believe in your choices then taking action isn’t so scary. However if you have doubts about your decisions it becomes easier for defeat to find its way in. I have insecurities and doubts just like everyone else however I try very hard not to go back and question my choices and wonder if I did the right thing.

Confidence verse doubt Build your confidence before you make a decision. I try to gather as much data as possible. I often ask for other people’s opinions. I always tell them that I value their input but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. I simply want the data so that I can make the best informed decision possible, so I can make my decision. Since every decision I make is ultimately my responsibility I want to make it a good choice. I take ownership of my choices therefore when I take action I have confidence in my decisions.

If things don’t happen the way I wanted, oops I was wrong. I made a mistake, a boo boo, a miscalculation. Obviously there were things I didn’t see or didn’t get right, but I made the choice based on the best input I had at the time. If I had different data or had the benefit of hindsight, of course I would have done things differently. I  try very hard not to let doubt creep in. I don’t question my decisions, I learn from them. I ask how could I do better next time?

This White Hat Awareness Life Lesson Quote is from the chapter on Choices and Risk in “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” by Susan Sherbert

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