Don’t Grease The Squeaky Wheel


Don't grease the squeaky wheel... Replace it! White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 23

“Don’t Grease The Squeaky Wheel… REPLACE IT”

30 days of life lesson quotes. One of the biggest things we can do to change our ways and become the hero in our own lives is to get our priorities straight. Far too often we live in a reactive world where we continually grease that squeaky wheel and spend our limited time on activities that are not taking us in the right direction. Instead of working on our priorities, we are fighting fires and spending energy doing things that demand our attention.

Things that squeak and make a lot of noise are generally what get done first. The items that would make the most difference in our lives, too often get pushed aside because they don’t demand our immediate attention. And unfortunately it’s usually the negative activities that seem to require immediate attention because it’s that old fight or flight instinct once again. Negative things appear dangerous so we respond to them now, whereas the beneficial positive actions that we should be doing, are the ones that we feel we can push aside.

When we are distracted by people and projects that are leading us astray or taking us in the wrong direction, it is only natural that we want to get rid of that noise. Just make that irritating squeak go away. But wouldn’t it be a better if we could replace the wheel that is causing the squeak? Don’t reward distracting time suckers with a squirt of grease! Go out and get a new and improved wheel that will get you to your destination without all of the drama. That is why I have revised that old saying to say, “The squeaky wheel gets replaced.”

People are busy with lots of action, but the results of that action should not be more action. You should be traveling on a strong and supportive foundation, not an old and creaky wheel that is hindering your progress.


This Life Lesson Quote came from the chapter on priorities in Susan Sherbert’s book “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

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