Dieting in January is just plain stupid!


january dietBad time of year to lose weight

Come January 1st people start making New Year’s resolutions, and start believing that, somehow, this year will be different. This year I’ll lose the weight. With other New Year resolutions, this may be a good time to make those promises, but starting a diet in January is asking for failure. Why? Because it’s winter time! Shouldn’t diets wait until spring? Who wants to work up a sweat when it’s freezing outside! Winter means hearty food, warm blankets, and relaxing with a good book by the fireplace.

People are so silly. They think they are in control and that they can fool Mother Nature. Who are you kidding! Our bodies know it is winter but we listen to our brains instead because it’s January 1st. Time to make promises that are really, really, hard to keep. Our body wants to hibernate, but year after year, our brains convince us that this January will be different.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Maybe it is because our brains are too busy trying to stay warm that we aren’t thinking straight? Or maybe we are too weak to fight back because our bodies haven’t recovered from the holiday abuse we just put it through. Heck I have been preparing for my January diet since the Halloween candy started in October.

Of course January is a bad time to start a diet. We have just finished Fall which is a time for harvest, a time to stock up and get ready for the long hard winter. It’s human nature to indulge in the fall, and then hibernate in winter. Mother Nature designed spring as our time to diet and exercise – not January!

So give yourself some slack and put the diets aside for now.  Find another New Year resolution this year. I know how about procrastination? Stop putting things off things that you should start now.


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