Did you give up too soon? Never give up your dreams


Keep trying. Never Give up and your dreams will come true.

Armless and legless men on a tandem bike. They never give up

You are reading this because I never gave up. Being an author has been a dream of mine for years. In fact, I’m almost too embarrassed to mention that I’ve been working on my book for many many years.  It has been through countless revisions and even more rejections. But I will never give up my dream.

Okay so I may put the dream aside for a while and go away to pout. Yet somehow I always manage to come back around and keep the dream alive. So I encourage you to continue reading because I promise, this story is a good tale, with an even better lesson to be learned.

The Dream – this should be fun

I’ve always had the party house, but what made me different is that I always tried to make the gatherings fun for everyone. That included my adopted eighty year old grandma. I had so much material on fun party games I thought, why not write a book. I called it My Grandma Plays Twister and it was a book about party games for grown-ups.

Reality check number one

I put together a letter and sent it out to some publishers. Yippie, I found one that was interested. That’s great, I’ll be a best seller by the end of the year. Except the publisher asked for a book proposal. Book proposal? What in the heck is that! Little did I know that it would take me over three months to determine my target market, create an outline, write several sample chapters, plus a few other requested items. Never give up, remember. So it was an amazing process and I learned a lot. I’m not sure exactly what happened but life gets in the way of life so the book, and the book proposal, ended up on hold for a while.

Keep on trying. Never give up on your dreams

Life continued but my dream of helping people have more fun never quite went away. Then one day I found a writers conference coming to my area so I figured, why not! It was expensive, but it’s a writers conference so with some professional advice, I’ll be selling tons of books so money won’t be a huge issue. Off I went, book and proposal in my bag. Again, I found someone who liked the idea, but they suggested I change the title and then asked for my marketing plan! A what?

Reality check number two. This is never give up stuff is really starting too suck

The marketing plan is the part were my dream hit that wall of reality. Where childhood imagination meets grown-up obstacles. This is also the part where you must keep believing that anything is possible. Yes it is difficult, but impossible? Well, almost. No I don’t know how I am going to develop a loyal following and attract readers, but as long as I keep one tiny little crack open, my dream will continue to live. Life continued and the book was put on hold, but I started to pay attention to things like blogs, websites, and social media.

What? My dream is still possible?

I told you I would never give up. Technology and time are powerful things – and the internet is a really great teacher. The next momentum came when someone just happened to mention a website that helps authors self-publish books on the internet. Why didn’t I think of ebooks. My friend is in a church book club and almost every single member has a Kindle. I had better look into ebook publishing.

For whatever reason, through all these years I had also been writing fun little corny joke books. I had a whole stack of them in the office just sitting there. Okay so corn jokes book are not the vision in my dream, but when opportunity knocks you have to answer the door. So to keep the dream alive, I used them as a way to test the ebook market. Currently I have over 52 corny joke books up on Amazon.

I learned a ton about internet marketing and so much more. My Halloween Corny joke book even hit number one in its category with over 4,000 downloads all over the world. Hey that makes me an Amazon Best Seller… but wait, I’m only making about $20 a month. Reality can really suck some times. And still, I will never give up.

It took me another year and a half, and some major life changes but finally I finished my book. Yippie! And I am happy to say that I am super proud of Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life.  It’s a real book with pages and everything. You can buy it on Amazon in paperback or digital. The means I am now living the dream! Yeah!

Reality Check number one thousand Just because a book is published doesn’t mean people will rush out to buy it. You have to go out and market the darn thing! So once again, I repeat, I will never give up on my dreams.


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