Childhood fun squashed again


Growing a potato in a glass used to be part of our childhood fun

As a kid, did you ever try to grow something like a potato in a glass of water? People used to do things like that before technology changed our childhood fun. It’s not too late. You should try it because it’s kind of fun. Okay it’s interesting more than fun but it is a great learning experience.

A few years ago I had a totally interesting root growing experience. I had a vase of flowers that had a twig in it. After the flowers wilted I put the vase outside and forgot about it. When I finally went back to it, the twig had begun to sprout and had lots of roots. I thought, what the heck, why waste a good plant. So I put it in the ground.

Maybe I should have had a bit of advance planning because little did I know that one small twig would become the fastest, biggest tree I have ever seen. And of course I didn’t put it in a very good spot. But I don’t have the heart to take it out now because I was reliving a moment of childhood fun. Plus I grew the tree from nothing so it is something I am totally proud of.

More obstacles to our childhood fun

Times change and because of technology growing a potato in a glass of water may no longer be considered fun. However this powerful video shows just how much our world really has changed since those good ol’ days.

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