Build it – Smash it!


Build it Smash it that is the childish way

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 8

 “Build it – Smash it! That’s the Childish Way”

30 days of life lesson quotes. Kids like to build things. They turn piles of nothing into just about anything. They create and build entire worlds out of blocks, sticks, and clay using nothing more than their imagination. What adults forget, is that it’s the process that is the fun part, not the outcome. Adults build for results so they can sit back and admire their work. Kids build because it is fun. To have more fun we need to enjoy the process of building, but more importantly, we need to learn to let go of our attachment to the things we build. Kids put things together and then they smash the whole thing apart, and start all over again. So what if the roof is crooked, or the walls are a strange shape? Childhood creations are not built to last – they are built for the fun of it!

Many adults may enjoy painting, crafts, woodwork or art but they like to have something tangible for their efforts. They limit their creativity trying to make it come out correct, or close to perfect. Kids just enjoy making a mess without thinking about the outcome. How many times have you seen a child smash a masterpiece to bits only to rebuild something else, a few minutes later? In fact when playtime is over, kids are told to clean up. That means breaking up their creations and putting all of the tiny pieces away. Kids are not emotionally attached to what they create because they enjoy the process of creating. They are not concerned about the finished product because kids know that bigger, and better, ideas are in abundant supply. We could learn a lot from that!

This Life Lesson Quote is from Susan Sherbert’s first book “Grown-Ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life


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