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A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses by Susan SherbertA White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses
Unlocking Your Power through Clarity & Action

Clarity and action have the power to change just about everything. It is time to put on your rose colored glasses and see the things you need to see. Then you must wear that good guy hero white hat and do the things you need to do. When it comes to changing your mindset to be more effective and efficient, this book gives you plenty to think about.

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“Susan Sherbert’s remarkable insights will help you transform your old way of thinking and have you looking at problems from a different angle.  A must-read for any entrepreneur!”

Mike Ludlum
Entrepreneur Magazine

Still not convinced this book is for you? I am confident that after reading only a few pages you will become a fan. This book will have you thinking differently and could potentially change your outlook on life. Once you read the story about the puffy yellow car, you will totally understand the power behind Susan’s unique message! Read a sample chapter and I see for yourself! Go ahead take a chance! There is no risk! Besides it is humorous and easy to read. Buy Now or read a sample chapter and buy later. A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses is truly something different. 

have fun, be happy, enjoy lifeGrown-ups Don’t Skip
Have Fun, Be Happy, Enjoy Life

Imagine how powerful your life could be if you had the fearless confidence and courage to think like an excited little child. This book helps grown-ups discover their passion, confront their fears, and live a life they love. Think like a child but act like a responsible adult and your dreams are only a hop skip and jump away!

I thought the book was just about smiling and being happy BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE!!!  I’m almost finished reading your book for the first time. The reason I said first time is because I know I’ll continue to re-read it to refresh my childish ways.  What I’m trying to say is thank you for the mind opening!”  

– Victoria McDonald

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 Quriky Quotes – old saying with a new twist

humorous life quotes and funny sayings• You’re only as old as the style of your clothes 

• pill a day keeps the doctor away

• 2 +2 now requires a calculator

• Seek and you shall find with the help of GPS

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Short Sheet a bed humor book about diet exercise and fitnessHow to tell a house from a homeRICH-cover

Corny Joke and Humor BUNDLES! 

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Business Corny Jokes – Crop One

Business Jokes Crop 1 cover

Very corny joke and fun facts on 9 business related subjects:

Residential Real Estate • Commercial Real Estate • Human Resources • Engineering • Accounting and Bookkeeping • Parking •  Security •  Paper and Packaging •  and Sales and Marketing