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The Courage it takes to do nothing

The courage it takes to do nothing Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and
Nelson Mandela are all examples
of the courage it takes to do nothing

A phrase I really like is about not confusing kindness with weakness. Just because someone is nice and pleasant instead of harsh and aggressive does not make them weak. In fact I believe there is tremendous value in the power of knowing when to do nothing. Turn the other cheek is a good example. If someone is aggressive and attacking you, it seems only natural to want to defend yourself and do damage in return, to make the offender pay. Have the courage to stand up and fight back! I agree with standing up for what you believe in, however I don’t always agree with the methods people use. It takes a strong person, a true good guy hero to walk way.

Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela are all examples of the courage it takes to do nothing. Gee doesn’t that sound funny? These courageous men did nothing and ended up making history. They didn’t return the anger they were confronted with. They didn’t seek revenge. They were firm and did not engage. They were kind but never ever weak. This is one of those big awareness moments because sometimes one of the most courageous acts you could ever do is have the strength to do nothing.

If that insight has you motivated to go out and do nothing let me attach a little notice. Doing nothing can be a weakness or a strength. It is not courageous to avoid difficult choices, run away from your problems, or bury your head in the sand. Making no decision is not the same thing as deciding to do nothing. If you choose to avoid something that means you are giving the opportunity permission to pass, or hoping the problem will go way. Not making a decision leads to inaction and that is a poor choice. It’s the decisions behind the action that determine the impact of doing nothing.


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Top 10 reasons Halloween is the happiest day of the year

Halloween Happy? Heck yeah!

Susan Sherbert Pumpkin faceHalloween is one of my favorite topics to write about because it's so full of strange and crazy things that make absolutely no sense. How can we have disgusting and terrifying monsters and adorable little princesses and superheroes all sharing the same space at the same time. Yet on October 31 anything goes. The good, the bad, and the weird all coexist in peace. Again, it makes no logical sense, but here is why I think Halloween is the happiest day of the year. 

1. There is no fear

Halloween is full of monsters, murderers, zombies all things dead and once a year the truly gruesome is not only tolerated but celebrated! I will never understand Halloween. Perfectly sane, non-violent people celebrate the terror of Halloween with haunted decorations including skeletons, tombstones, and totally gross body parts. Then they take those decorations down and up put up twinkling lights that celebrate joy to the world. Death, horror, blood and guts, are all symbols of Halloween yet for some reason people are not afraid. Maybe the true value of Halloween lies in the idea that we face our fears and embrace the things that scare us! No fear - I like that!

2. Dreams come true

Now we are talking. My child-like thinking absolutely prefers the dress up side of Halloween. How awesome is it that one day a year we can be anything we want! We get to use our imagination and bring our childhood dreams to life. On Halloween our inner desires get to come out and play, and not within the privacy of our home, but we actually get to go out in public dressed as a princess, a rock star or a politician. But wait it gets even better because we don't even have to restrict our dreams to the reality of the human body. We can be a bottle of wine, a pumpkin, an animal, a cartoon character, a toaster or any darn thing we want. Whatever our heart desires can be publicly embraced on Halloween. How is that for happiness!

3. Sugar is celebrated

Talk about happy! 364 day a year sweets are on our restricted list and we try to avoid sugar and eat healthy. But on the happiest day of the year sugar is handed out by the handful! People are just giving it away for free. I mean literally people are giving away candy and we send our kids around the neighborhood to collect the forbidden sweets in buckets and bags! Crazy but sweet!


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Vote your true colors

Stop being so color blind and VOTE!

Why has this election become such a narrow minded, black or white, all or nothing type of vote? When did we become so color blind? Wake ups folks! Take a look around! The world is not black or white. It's not even shades of grey. The world we live in is full of bright beautiful colors! When it comes to casting your all-important vote, we have the right, a duty even, to vote using every crayon in the box.

Hand waving the american flagAside from what the media wants you to believe, voting is more than a choice between Clinton and Trump. Have you looked at a ballot lately? There is more than one box we have the privilege to mark up. And look beyond the down ballot Republican or Democrat choices. There is an entire rainbow of issues on the ballot. School funding, medical decisions, environmental issues, and even marijuana are all decisions we have the honor to make. Many people fought long and hard for the freedom to put those choices on our ballot so that we have a say in how our lives are run.

Your vote matters! So make an effort to be an informed voter! I'm not asking you to read every proposition, research every candidate, or even watch a city council meeting. And how we are supposed to decide who will be a better choice for a water district, judge, or waste management I have no idea. But the least we can do is take those extra few minutes and actually read the ballot. Don't just check off a box because you think you recognize a name. That is how we get politicians in office for thirty or forty years. Drain the swamp or support the people who have done a good job. That choice is right there in front of you.


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"We'll Get There" ... Facing the Unknown

Trusting in the Unknown

We'll get there

"We'll get there!" I find myself repeating that phrase a lot these days. You may or may not know that life recently handed me a bunch of lemons so I put on my rose colored glasses and started the process of making lemonade. Medical issues are often private and difficult to talk about but I have decided to break the rules, face my fears and talk about my mastectomy. There are simply too many life lessons appearing on almost a daily basis - how can I keep these valuable insights to myself?

Anyway back to the power of "We'll get there!" Those are the words that my plastic surgeon says to me all the time. At first I never noticed the saying because I was overwhelmed by everything that was happening. I was in pain, there was talk of chemo and radiation, plus I no longer had a left breast. I couldn't see anything but the mental and physical scars I was faced with.


Day 1 every choice matters

Respect is the highest honor there is

Give and receive respect

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 29

"To give and receive RESPECT is the highest honor there is"

30 days of life lesson quotes. Respect it appears is nothing but good! I could not find a single negative definition or reference to the word that was not full of positive attributes. When you have courage you earn the respect of others. When you keep your promises you gain respect. When you make hard choices and do the right things, you can hold your head high and have respect for yourself.

If you hold someone or something in high regard and appreciate its value, people will respect it. Lose that respect and people are likely to treat it, or you, with total disregard. But it goes even further. We should honor our environment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day. We need to be more supportive and courteous to those less fortunate, and we need to be respectful and appreciative of the possessions we are privileged to own.  

To me respect is very simple. Honor and appreciate the things you value.

This Life Lesson Quote is part of the conclusion to Susan Sherbert's book a "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses


Day 1 every choice matters


There is no substitute for ACTION

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 28

"There is no substitute for ACTION"

30 days of life lesson quotes. Yesterday we talked about awareness so today we must talk about action. The clarity that awareness brings followed up by a physical real world action is one of the most powerful combinations we have to move us to success and happiness. In fact the only difference between being the hero in your own life or staying right where you are is that the people who truly want something better take action and get their dreams started. Let me repeat that. The people who succeed get started! They take action. That’s it.

We can talk all we want, live in the light, and be hyper conscious of our positive thoughts, but if we never do anything about it, if we never take any action, then nothing happens. Action is the white hat hero stuff I have been nagging you about. Don't let those magnificent and inspiring thoughts stay in your head forever. Do something, anything, to get your thoughts out of your head. Write your thoughts, dreams, and goals down. That puts them into the physical realm. Talk, discuss, read, or research your ideas or dreams. Those are actions too. Make a phone call, make a list, start a vision board, go outside and take a look round. Any kind of movement or physical effort counts as an action.

And if you didn't notice, those suggestions are all super tiny almost micro actions. But it doesn't matter because they are actions! They are movements that bring your desires, dreams, and conscious thoughts into the real physical world. Move the mental into the physical because there is no substitute for action. We must put some kind of physical motion out into the world or nothing happens. Period! That's it! Without action there is nothing.

This Life Lesson Quote is from the chapter on action in "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses


Day 1 every choice matters

Awareness is the beginning of change

Awareness is the beginning of change

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 27

"When you stir up awareness it is the beginning of change"

30 days of life lesson quotes. To me awareness is one of the most powerful assets we do not take advantage of. Using the creativity of my child-like mind, I like to imagine awareness as a light switch. With one simple flip we go from dark to light. Sleep becomes awake and subconscious thoughts speed to the surface. In that one fraction of a second everything immediately looks different. Awareness brings light. Awareness brings clarity. We finally see all of the glorious details and possibilities that have been hiding in the darkness for far too long. Pretty amazing, right?

Awareness can be grand and life changing as major "light bulb moments" or as inspiring as those "aha" moments that shift our thoughts so we can begin to see things in a fresh new light. Awareness is all about the movement from the subconscious to the conscious and that powerful transition happens in an instant!

The power of awareness or conscious thought is the clarity I have been nagging you about with all my talk of the rose colored glasses. See the things you need to see! When you get that flash of light, spark of inspiration, or feel an "aha" moment embrace it. Welcome it in and give it your attention! Your brain is trying to tell you something and it is your responsibility to keep that light switch in the on position! Don't go back to sleep or hide in the dark. Embrace bright new ideas and welcome new thoughts and images into the conscious part of your brain because when you stir up awareness it is the beginning of change.

This Life Lesson Quote is about awareness of out thoughs is discussed in both books, "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses" and "Grown-ups Don't Skip"


Day 1 every choice matters

No problems only fear

Quote: No problems only fear

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 25

"There were no problems only fear"

30 days of life lesson quotes. Please keep an open mind and think about fear from a very simple, childlike perspective. To me, fears are images in your head – figments of your imagination. They are nothing more then boogeymen. Yet when you mix imagination with emotion the fear can become truly terrifying. Our fears are so realistic and so frightening because imagination is an incredibly powerful force for both the positive and the negative.

Too often adults turn this imagined fear into real life problems. They imagine all of the reasons they can’t do something and focus on the negative “what ifs,” instead of seeing unlimited potential or using their creativity to find a solution. Grown-ups turn their dreams into fears, talk themselves out of countless opportunities, and allow minor obstacles to become overwhelming problems. All of this destructive behavior because the negative thoughts and images in our head can feel oh so real.

There are no quick solutions, or easy answers because our basic nature was designed to keep us safe. Unfortunately, that means our brain looks for and focuses on potential danger and turns everyday situations into places where monster and boogeymen lurk around every corner. All we can do is try to bring some awareness to our fears by adding a little positive light to the situation. Once we see that first beam of positive light the nightmares will begin to fade away and hopefully we will find the courage to vanquish those imaginary boogeymen and frightening monsters once and for all. Fear is created in the mind! And that is a hard concept to imagine.

"Imagination is an incredibly powerful force;
for both the positive and the negative"


This Life Lesson Quote is about fear and fear is discussed in both books,   "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses" and "Grown-ups Don't Skip"


Day 1 every choice matters

Quote by Susan Sherbert

Beauty is measured by the surface of the skin - Youth comes from the soul within

A Favorite Quote by Susan Sherbert: Day 25

"Beauty is measured by the surface of the skin.
Youth comes from the soul within."

30 days of life lesson quotes. Living life with the passion and confidence of youth does not come from a bottle or pill. It won’t come from repeated trips to the plastic surgeon. People try to look young, because they think it will make them feel young. They spend millions of dollars in pursuit of a younger looking body when what they really should be searching for is the simplified joy of youthful thinking. Connecting to the mindset of a child has nothing to do with your physical appearance. The youth we desire comes from within.

Four year olds don’t care what you look like. Fat, thin, no make-up, or all sweaty - kids don’t see it. When a child enters a room, they don’t cling to the best looking person they can find. The youthful spirit is attracted to energy and fun, not beauty and perfection. As adults, we need to re-train our brains to look past the surface and see what’s inside. Learn to look for warmth and laughter instead of flawless skin and good hair.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look past the outer appearance and search the faces in a crowd for a wink, a smile, or an honest laugh? Kids want to be around people who participate and aren’t afraid to get dirty. You could be overweight, have a pimple the size of a volcano, or be in the middle of a really bad hair day, and still kids don’t care. They like you for your personality and kindness, not your looks and expensive accessories. Adults could learn a lot from that.

The good news is that youth is a matter of the mind, and even though there is wear and tear on the body, we can still change our attitude and change the direction of our thoughts. Mental youth can last a lifetime!


This Life Lesson Quote came from Susan Sherbert's book "Grown-ups don't skip have FUN be happy enjoy life."


Day 1 every choice matters

Accomplish great things

If you want to accomplishe great things get yourelf a pair of boots and start climbing

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 24

"If you want to accomplish great things, get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes and start climbing!"

30 days of life lesson quotes. BECOME KING OF YOUR MOUNTAIN! If you are motivated and driven to succeed then you have already had to overcome some pretty nasty obstacles. You have climbed mountains you thought would never end, and have battled dragons you never saw coming. When you start any new project, adventure, or goal there is a ton of good positive energy. You are excited! Anything is possible! Then right on schedule the obstacles start to arrive.

People get frustrated and give up but why? It’s not like we didn’t know problems were coming. Overcoming obstacles is part of life. Challenges are part of the process. Even something a joyous as a new puppy is full of potty training and endless chewing. If you have a dream and want to live a more successful life, then it is pretty much guaranteed that you will come face to face with some pretty difficult situations. That is just the way it is.

It is time to realize that to become king of your mountain, the road is never, ever, going to be a straight and easy path. Overcoming obstacles is just another bump in the road. Successful people know that. They face their challenges and eventually reach the top. So the moral of this story is if you want to live your dream and accomplish great things, you had better get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes and start climbing.

This Life Lesson Quote comes from the chapter on obstacles and problems in  "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses"


Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

Golf and Life Lesson Blog by Susan Sherbert

Many of you may know that I am an avid golfer so I have a series of special blog posts about The lessons she learned from a little white ball. As with all my writing these articles are both full of humor and thought-provoking ideas to help you question your grow-up adul way to looking at the world… and you don’t even have to be a golfer to enjoy these life lessons.