Being Honest


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 3

 “Being Honest Helps Us See the Whole Uncomfortable Truth Problems and All”

Day 3 Uncomfortable truth

30 days of life lesson quotes. In my latest book, the White Hat represents action and to me one of the most important actions we need to conquer is the truth.

As humans we care about people so we may lie to protect others from  emotional pain. Too often this does more damage than good because whatever the problem is it still exists. Lies rarely fix things, they only hide or delay the emotions.

It’s a bit like sweeping dirt under a rug. The issue is still there. The lie only covers it up so no one can see it. Whatever it is that we try to hide behind the lie will be waiting for us to be dealt with sometime in the future. Seeing at least some of the dirt is a good thing. You need to be aware of what is causing you damage so you can figure out how to repair it. Covering it up or pretending the truth doesn’t exist is not helpful in the long run.

This White Hat Awareness Life Lesson Quote is from the chapter on Truth in “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” by Susan Sherbert

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