Be Thankful by Giving and Receiving Kindness


Gratitude, Appreciation, and Remembering to be thankful


Doing business not kindnessThere are positive things in life that we should be thankful for but right now there is a lot of fear and negative energy in the world. It is not fair especially since this is the time of year we are supposed to focus on the good stuff. But that is how it is. Good and bad coexist so why can’t we take a few moments and try to balance out the emotions. That doesn’t mean we have to forget the sadness, it just means that we have to look a little harder to bring gratitude and appreciation to our attention.

Fear and judgment are habits we should avoid. Gratitude and appreciation are habits we should cultivate. Yet this can be very difficult to do.

In my book A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses I talk a lot about the fact that our brain is simply trying to protect us by focusing on negative images first. We actually seek out and pay attention to negative events and outcomes and push aside the good things. Plus the awful thoughts and feelings attached to all that negativity seems to stick with us for quite a long time. There is kindness and good all around us but it is not what our brain instinctually look for. Since positive feel good images are not our natural focus, we need to make an effort to look for the positive. Put on your rose colored glasses and start seeing what is already there. Positive events and emotions are all around us we just need to bring the good back into focus.

When someone offers to help – Be thankful and receive their gift!

Taking our search for kindness even deeper, try to remember that people like to help; and sometimes assistance is all someone has to offer. There is power in both giving and receiving. It is nice to share a moment of kindness together. So why do we sometimes feel that we are imposing on someone if they offer assistance? Accept the assistance of others and then  say “Thank You.” Nothing more is required.

Kindness may be something as simple as an offer to let you go first or to save your place  in line. A friend may offer to lighten your load by carrying one of your bags, or maybe they ask if you need a ride perhaps to the airport. It is their gift to you so accept the assistance and be grateful of the offer. And please don’t think you are taking advantage of people! You probably don’t need the help. You can always take a cab. But why refuse an offer that was made in kindness? Accept the help of others and be glad of the assistance. Embrace thoughtful gestures and let the pleasures of good deeds linger.

Try to give openly with no expectations and remember to receive generosity in the same way. Welcome positive energy in and give it some of the space that is usually reserved for the negativity that is all around us. The White Hat Lesson I am trying to convey is to simply appreciate the gifts you are being offered. Receive kindness with a warm and genuine thank you. Honest appreciation should be all that is required.

A quote from A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

“Give and receive kindness freely
with no conditions or expectations”

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