Awareness is the beginning of change


Awareness is the beginning of change

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 27

“When you stir up awareness it is the beginning of change”

30 days of life lesson quotes. To me awareness is one of the most powerful assets we do not take advantage of. Using the creativity of my child-like mind, I like to imagine awareness as a light switch. With one simple flip we go from dark to light. Sleep becomes awake and subconscious thoughts speed to the surface. In that one fraction of a second everything immediately looks different. Awareness brings light. Awareness brings clarity. We finally see all of the glorious details and possibilities that have been hiding in the darkness for far too long. Pretty amazing, right?

Awareness can be grand and life changing as major “light bulb moments” or as inspiring as those “aha” moments that shift our thoughts so we can begin to see things in a fresh new light. Awareness is all about the movement from the subconscious to the conscious and that powerful transition happens in an instant!

The power of awareness or conscious thought is the clarity I have been nagging you about with all my talk of the rose colored glasses. See the things you need to see! When you get that flash of light, spark of inspiration, or feel an “aha” moment embrace it. Welcome it in and give it your attention! Your brain is trying to tell you something and it is your responsibility to keep that light switch in the on position! Don’t go back to sleep or hide in the dark. Embrace bright new ideas and welcome new thoughts and images into the conscious part of your brain because when you stir up awareness it is the beginning of change.

This Life Lesson Quote is about awareness of out thoughs is discussed in both books, “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” and “Grown-ups Don’t Skip

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