Don’t let a closed-mind get in the way of your fun and dreams!


Are you close-minded and don’t even know it?

Closed mindedWhy are people so close-minded especially when the downside is almost zero? The other day I was telling someone the scary jelly bean story from my book and he asked a good question. Why are people so unwilling to try new things, especially when it could be fun. And too often there really is no good reason not to try it. Food is a great example, and I’m not talking about eating crickets or anything gross. I’m talking about trying something that is simply prepared a bit different.

What’s the big deal? If you try it and don’t like it you politely spit it out in a napkin. No damage done. A drink of water and you are back to normal. Yet so many people are so stubborn, so close-minded that they won’t even try something new.

Cure for a sore back

A while ago I woke up one morning with a sore back. I never have back problems! But this one was bad – three weeks of missed golf bad. Then one night a friend said she rubs onion on her foot to stop leg cramps. I thought why not try it? That night I cut an onion in half and rubbed it on my back. The next morning the back spasm was gone! Totally gone!

Now when someone mentions a bad back I tell that story and I am totally shocked at just how many people won’t even try it! What is the downside? Okay maybe you smell a bit funny and have to wash the sheets, yet way too many people refuse to try an onion even though they are in pain. Again WHY?

I have theories for just about everything so it is my guess that negative thoughts have become so dominant in our lives that people immediately see the negative possibilities. It won’t work. Period, end of story. Even when there is little or no downside, people don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t work. They get so stuck in their discomfort that they can’t even envision a positive solution to their problem… but that is me just making stuff up.

Open your mind and allow the possibility  of good things to come into your life.

Anyway, if you are unwilling to take a jelly bean just because there is one bad flavor in the entire bowl, or if you won’t even try something new to help stop your pain then maybe you are close-minded and don’t even know it. The solution is so easy to fix. The next time you are asked to try something new, say okay. You don’t have to like it, and it may not work as promised, but try it anyway.

Oh, and by the way, I heard that the reason onions work on muscle spasms is because they are full of potassium and the onion juice absorbs quickly into the skin.


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