Are you aware of your child within


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 4

“Are you aware of your child within or has the person you used to be been pushed aside and totally ignored”

Be aware of the child within

30 days of life lesson quotes. Almost everything I talk about is based around the idea of learning to THINK like a little four year old. We were all little kids once and our young minds start out as pure. Our thoughts are free from status, judgment, and discrimination. All we wanted was a bit of attention and maybe a smile for our efforts. Then we grew up.

Now it is time to shift our adult way of thinking and try to be true to your young self.  That means you must attempt to reconnect with the thoughts and feelings of that absolutely pure little being you used to be. You have to become aware of who you were as a child. Of course you can’t survive in a world with the limited knowledge of a four year old. That would be ridiculous! But that doesn’t mean you should forget about the real you, the person you were before you started to accept the ideas, beliefs, and opinions of others.

Try to remember what you used to enjoy, or what strong emotions you felt when you were young. What made you happy or sad as a child? What exciting ideas and dreams did your brain used to create? Reality changes our way of thinking but as an adult it is now up to us to choose the thoughts and feelings that we want to hold on to. It is time to reconnect with the ideas that inspire instead of focusing on thoughts of negativity and fear. 

The whole point is if we could get back in touch with only part of the powerful being we once were, imagine how different our grow-up lives could be. Once we learn to think like a child, and act like an adult, it becomes easier to become the you, you want to be.

This White Hat Awareness Life Lesson Quote is from chapter two in “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” by Susan Sherbert

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