Allow silence into a conversation – It’s called listening


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 12

“Have the courage to allow silence into a conversation”

have the courage to allow silence into a conversation

30 days of life lesson quotes. LISTENING – it  shouldn’t be that hard. Yet for many allowing a moment of silence into a conversation can be a really difficult thing to do. Talking is much more fun because as we speak we are the center of attention. Center of the universe even! So we keep on talking even when no one is listening.

We talk, talk, talk and forget to listen. We feel the need to explain every detail and include all the facts. It seems that as long as we keep talking the person will be required to give us attention. But that is so not true. It’s the opposite in fact. The less we talk, the more concise we are, the more powerful are words become.

Yet we continue to talk and people continue to pretend to listen. The reality is, when people talk too much our minds switch off and we drift off to think about something else. We are no longer listening. The words have no meaning. Yet we nod, and occasionally mumble something just to be polite. The message was lost after the third sentence but the words keep coming. It is no longer a conversation.

The white hat lesson many of us need to work on is to talk less, be quiet, and truly listen. Have the courage to stop talking and give the other person your full attention. Allow silence into a conversation. Even if we wait just one tiny fraction of a second before we speak it gives us time to think of a clear and concise response. A slight pause in a conversation is okay!

If a communication isn’t full of give and take then it becomes a lecture or a speech, instead of a conversation. Remember to ask questions and then give the person plenty of silence and space so they could come up with a relevant and thoughtful response. Resist the temptation to talk. Accept the silence. The goal should be clarity and that means less information, not more. Fill the silence with your focus and attention instead of more words. 

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