Accomplish great things


If you want to accomplishe great things get yourelf a pair of boots and start climbing

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 24

“If you want to accomplish great things, get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes and start climbing!”

30 days of life lesson quotes. BECOME KING OF YOUR MOUNTAIN! If you are motivated and driven to succeed then you have already had to overcome some pretty nasty obstacles. You have climbed mountains you thought would never end, and have battled dragons you never saw coming. When you start any new project, adventure, or goal there is a ton of good positive energy. You are excited! Anything is possible! Then right on schedule the obstacles start to arrive.

People get frustrated and give up but why? It’s not like we didn’t know problems were coming. Overcoming obstacles is part of life. Challenges are part of the process. Even something a joyous as a new puppy is full of potty training and endless chewing. If you have a dream and want to live a more successful life, then it is pretty much guaranteed that you will come face to face with some pretty difficult situations. That is just the way it is.

It is time to realize that to become king of your mountain, the road is never, ever, going to be a straight and easy path. Overcoming obstacles is just another bump in the road. Successful people know that. They face their challenges and eventually reach the top. So the moral of this story is if you want to live your dream and accomplish great things, you had better get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes and start climbing.

This Life Lesson Quote comes from the chapter on obstacles and problems in  “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

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