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If you could see me now, I’d be jumping for joy!

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Why? Because I can’t contain the enthusiasm for my message about the power of child-like thinking. I am super excited to help adults learn to think differently, remove limiting beliefs, and rediscover the fun and fearless confidence of youth.

My first book, “Grown-ups Don’t Skip” is about having more fun, finding your dreams and bringing the joy back into your grown up world.  Life should be fun and if you can string together enough happy moments then you just might end up living a life you love.  

In “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” I take the powerful qualities of thinking with the clarity and passion of a child and bring those thought-provoking ideas to the business world. The book encourages success by teaching people to take better actions, think differently, face fears, remove judgment, and never give up.  

As an adult I realize those are big bold ideas and there are a lot of obstacles that will get in the way, but the child in me can’t help but see the possibility of good things to come. Once you learn to find the balance between living in the reality of the grown-up world, while still thinking like that excited little child, your life will never be the same. And that is what my books, blogs, speaking engagements, and websites are all about… Simplify your thinking and feel the happiness and joy!!


Susan Sherbert


Things to know about Susan Sherbert

Published Author – Susan is author of Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Enjoy Life and she is super proud of the ideas in her book. She knows the power of child-like thinking has the potential to change lives and that is a big driving force in her life. She is so determined to share her message that she wrote a second book taking youthful thinking to a new level. “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses – Unlocking Your Power Throught Clarity and Action” has been picked up by Indigo River Publishing and will be available in 2016. 

Susan Sherbert’s passion is helping adults have more fun and feel pure happiness but her writing career started with a book about short sheeting a bed. 4,000 copies of that book were sold to a national linen chain. They used the book as their free gift with purchase two years in a row. She has also written over 50 different original corny joke books plus 5 humor books that are available on Amazon.

Humor columnist – Susan Sherbert was a humor columnist for several magazines including one that mixed humor with business lessons. She also wrote a sliver award-winning newsletter of absolutely no importance every month for over twelve years. A lot of that material has been incorporated into her blogs.

Her writing style is a bit quirky because it is intelligent yet witty at the same time – the perfect balance of grown-up information mixed with childlike fun. That means her material is something you will enjoy reading.

Entrepreneur – She has been a business owner for over fourteen years and is an avid golfer with a lifetime dream to golf every golf course in the state. Want to know even more about Susan Sherbert? Here is the long version – but you are warned – it starts with her childhood.

“I enjoy writing because my amusing style really does seem to make people smile. To me, that is the biggest accomplishment of all”

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