About Grown-ups Don’t Skip


Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life contains the necessary tools to change your thinking, encourage new habits, and bring back imagination and creativity. From this book you will learn to see the possibilities, overcome the obstacles and discover the giggles that will lead to your dreams. But Susan Sherbert can summarize her book in one sentence. “We need to learn to think and feel like a child, but act like a responsible adult.”

Start HERE and read Susan’s really powerful list comparing a kid’s world to the adult world we now live in. Our transition from child to adult will surprise you. It’s one of those eye-opening moments so please click to read more

Introduction to Grown-ups Don’t Skip When was the last time you felt like skipping? Did you embrace the moment and feel the joy, or did you refrain and act like the responsible adult you are supposed to be? 

Quotes can be a helpful way to decide if you like a book. “To reach the child within, you must first give it permission to come out and play”

Reviews and testimonials are helpful too. The Missing Link “I’ve been pondering this question of how to play for a while. I knew that I was missing something and this book answered all of my questions. I thought I still remembered how to ‘play’, but the years had slowly but surely eroded and distorted the memory, feeling and practice. This book was like opening up a treasure chest of tools to rekindle the sense of play and wonder.”   R. Jordan

5 steps to having more fun is a great overview of some of the chapters that you will find in Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life.

My Favorite lessons are some of the fun stories and inspirational messages that really make you think. The one about the scary jelly bean has a fantastic lesson and is one of Susan’s signatures stories that she uses to quickly describe what Grown-ups Don’t Skip is all about.


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