5 super simple ways to add fun to your life


Add more fun to your life – it’s easy!

If fun is not as abundant in your life as you would like here are a 5 super simple tips to help. But first let me ask you something. Why do some people seem to be out having fun while others sit at home and wait for someone to ask them if they want to come out and play? The is because the people out having fun are, well, out having fun. To add more fun your life you have to take some kind of action.

add fun to your life -  5 simple fun tips

Fun Tip #1 –  SAY YES! If you want to add fun to your life you need to show up. Super simple resolution; if you are invited to a party or event, unless there is another direct conflict, say YES. Not maybe or I’ll see, but yes. Commit right then and there. I made this simple promise to myself a few years ago and I have to say it made a difference in my life. If you give yourself any wiggle room you know you will find an excuse not to go, and showing up is a huge step towards any goal. So this year simply say yes to more fun.

add fun to your life -  5 simple fun tips Fun Tip #2 TRY IT! New things can add fun to your life so stop being such a chicken and say yes when asked to try something new. It could be as simple as being offered something new to eat or someone suggesting you try a new home health remedy. For example when I hear someone complain of back pain, I suggest they rub an onion on their back to break up the spasm. It works for me, but I am always surprised at just how many people refuse to even try my suggestion. What is the downside? Isn’t a little smell worth the possibility of no pain, yet still people are so set in their ways that they won’t even try something new or different. Don’t let that person be you. Go ahead and try it!

add fun to your life -  5 simple fun tips

Fun Tip #3 HAVE IT! In my book Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life I have a cute little story about a person who wants an ice cream but everyone else was ordering a burger. So at the last minute she orders a burger too. Why? If you feel like eating an ice cream, then order the dang ice cream! Stop putting yourself 2nd because if you want to add fun to your life, your wants have to count too. It could be something as simple as using cloth napkins for dinner, or buying your favorite style of pen. If something brings you even small moments of joy then have it!

add fun to your life -  5 simple fun tips

Fun Tip #4 INTRODUCE YOURSELF! If you start saying yes to resolution number one, then that means you will probably be doing a bit more socializing. That is a good thing so take advantage of it. This fun tip is super simple too. All you have to do is promise to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Don’t wait for the hostess to do the introduction. Make a point add fun to your life by introducing yourself to people you don’t know. Open up your circle of friends and welcome new people in.

add fun to your life -  5 simple fun tipsFun Tip #5 SET YOUR LIMITS! Okay I admit, I gave in. I now play Candy Crush. It’s fun but a bit addicting. And wow can it suck up my time. So I had to set limits. I don’t beat myself up over it or make a big deals over it. I just decide that on certain days I change my behavior. It could be too much television, too much internet or even too much soda or chocolate. It doesn’t matter what your minor vice is but setting small limits on the behavior can really help. Moderation and balance are not only the keys to adding fun to your life, they are the secret to many thing we do.


A whole book to help add fun to your life

Susan Sherbert wrote an entire book on how to have more fun and enjoy life. Don’t miss these inspirational lessons from “Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life.

have fun, be happy, enjoy life


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