5 Steps to having more fun in life by Susan Sherbert


Happiness, joy and having more fun in life is possible even in the grown-up world.

Having more fun in life is not always easy. It requires effort and energy but the joyous feelings of  youth are well worth the effort. And it all starts by changing your way of thinking. You need to allow imagination and play back into your life. Fears must be conquered and passion and joy need to feel welcome again. Here are the 5 steps to having more fun in life from Susan’s book Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have Fun Be Happy Enjoy life.

Grown-ups having more fun in life

Step 1 – Remember your Superheroes Bring back imagination and possibilities it the key to having more fun. This creative energy  inspires long-lost dreams and leads to a whole world of unlimited potential.

Step 2 – Face the Bogeyman Stop being such a chicken and face your fears. Allowing more fun and joy into your life means you will have to start taking a few more chances. 

Step 3 – Find the WOW Look for the joy and awe that  surrounds us every day. Happy things are all around us, we just have to slow down, be present, and have more fun in life.

Step 4 – Fart and Giggle  Finding a common bond with other people and making new friends is a great way to add more fun to your life.

Step 5 – Go Outside and Play This is the adult part where you have to get off your butts. To have more fun you have to become more active. 

“Let Susan Sherbert be your guide on a journey back to your imagination and beyond!”

If your life is all work and no play, or if you can’t remember what real fun feels like, then this book is for you. Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life contains stories, lessons, and thought-provoking ideas that will help bring fun, joy, wow, and happy moments back into your life. Available at Amazon in digital and paperback.

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