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Imagine how powerful your life could be if you were able to think like the carefree and fearless child you once were. Look at the comparison below and you will be amazed at the transition we all take from childhood to adult. This list will help you begin to understand what my message is all about. It’s a real eye opener – or in a child’s world it would be a big WOW! – Genuinely,  Susan Sherbert

A Kid’s World  verses  The Adult World

 Kids are                                               Adults are
Full of imagination  …………………..  Full of reality
See unlimited potential  ……………..  See the limitations

Curious about things  ………………..  Overwhelmed by things
Energetic and on the go  …………….  Needs downtime to relax
Spontaneous  ………………………….  Likes to plan
Enjoy the process  …………………….  Wants results
Fearless  ………………………………..  Fearful
Acceptance of others  ………………..  Try to change others
Don’t care what others think  ………  Afraid of what others think
Carefree  ………………………………..  Responsible
Enjoy chaos  …………………………….  Likes organization

This wonderful comparison shows the essence of what my book Grown-ups Don’t Skip Have Be Happy FUN Enjoy Life is all about. It’s a book about learning to think and feel like a child, while still acting like a responsible grown-up. My books and blogs are written to inspire you to change your thinking, create better habits, and bring back imagination and creativity. My stories and lessons are designed to help you see possibilities and dreams that you thought were long gone.

Be inspired, face your fears and enjoy life again! Let me, Susan Sherbert, be your guide on a journey back to your imagination and beyond!

have fun, be happy, enjoy life

I thought the book was just about smiling and being happy BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE!!!  I’m almost finished reading your book for the first time. The reason I said first time is because I know I’ll continue to re-read it to refresh my childish ways.  What I’m trying to say is thank you for the mind opening!”  

– Victoria McDonald

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Life is TOO SHORT… so why not get A-LONG

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    World Smile Day

    October 2 is World Smile DayWorld smile day

    Our most under used asset is a smile. I know I wear rose colored glasses, but to me a smile is one of the most powerful actions we can take. It hardly requires any effort at all yet that one tiny movement of our lips has magical powers. A smile can change our mood, convey messages words can not, and it can even bring us to tears. Both tears of laughter and tears of joy.

    Smiles are an unlimited supply, free to use, and they contain superpowers that can change the world and melt stone hearts. So why don’t we take advantage of this incredible asset that we have had since birth? Heck if I know.

    As kids we laughed, smiled and giggled all the time. As adults, not so much. For some unknown reason we simply forget to smile. And it’s not like smiling takes a whole lot of effort. It’s not painful like facing the truth. Smiles don’t take up our valuable time. They don’t require money or additional education to use. We don’t have to uncover some limiting belief to realize that smiles are a good thing.

    We can even share a smile with no obligation, commitment or expectation required. The only thing we have to do to express our various feelings of goodness is to tap into the incredible asset we already possess.  

    Smiles from Susan Sherbert!

    Show your love with a smile



    Back to school!

    Summer vacation is over - Let the education continue

    Back to schoolIt's time to settle down, go back to school, and get some work done. Wait a minute! Did I miss something! Vacation! What vacation? I'm a business owner. I don't get summer vacations, spring breaks, or even much time off over the holidays. I'm lucky if I can take one extra Monday to honor a dead president.

    Please don’t get me wrong, going back to school is a very important part of childhood and we couldn’t function as a society without knowing how to read, write, and use a computer, but I'm happy that I no longer have to take tests, do homework, and attend boring lectures. However, just because I'm no longer in school doesn’t, mean I should stop learning.


    Who took the FUN out of Happiness

    Part One

    There is no Happiness without Fun and Joy

    Who took the FUN out of happiness

    Happiness should be FUN! To me that statement is just so obvious - but then again I think like an excited little four-year old. Since writing my book Grown-ups Don't Skip and I have become very aware of a trend toward happiness. There are endless scientific studies on the benefits of happiness, and businesses now even employ chief happiness officers.

    And let's not forget about the movie Inside Out. To me it is the perfect example of what happens when joy gets lost. Without joy there is no happiness and our lives start to fall apart before we even realize it is happening. The movie also has a great lesson about the role of sadness. Bad things happen but as long as you have some joy in your life, the situation will get better. To me you can not have happiness without joy, yet for some reason adults, and especially businesses, forget the value of fun and joy.


    Men and their barbecues

    What is it about men and their barbecues?

    Humor by Susan Sherbert


    It’s the start of summer so every other show on the Food Network seems to be about grilling and cooking outdoors. They cook ribs and chicken and roast whole pigs in a pit. There are chili cook-offs and tailgate parties where you find wood chip smokers, hot flaming grills and good old-fashioned campfires. There are the men who swear that charcoal is the best, and then there are the men who prefer to cook with gas. Some guys boast about their dry rubs, while others brag about their secret sauce. But the one thing that they all seem to have in common is testosterone.

    What is it about men and their barbecues? Most men don’t show much interest in cooking (unless they are trying to impress a date). Yet, as soon as it is raw meat and open flames, the men are in charge.


    The joys of having the party house

    Parties and summertime fun

    by Susan Sherbert

    Swimming pool

    During the winter your life is fairly normal because people forget that you have a pool, but as soon as that first ray of sunshine starts gleaming through your window, it means it’s time to clean house! People will be inviting themselves over any day now, or you will get talked into hosting yet another party. That’s what happens when you have a pool - people assume that you like to party.

    And there is a bit of truth to it, because if you wanted the water all to yourself, you would have put in a jacuzzi, not a swimming pool big enough to hold all of your friends. Yeah, when you have a pool in the back yard you might as well put an open house sign out front.

    Parties are such odd things. I actually don't have a swimming pool but I do have the party house. And one thing I have never understood. When someone is invited to a party, how come they find it a hassle or an inconvenience and decide not to attend? I just don’t get it! Someone is offering you free food and free fun all you have to do is walk in the door.


    Not as they appear to be

    How often in life are things not as they appear to be?

    As humans we love to keep things simple. It's not that we are actually lazy or anything, it's just that life is so complex that the easier we can make it the better. That means life is full of things that are not as they appear to be. Our brain jumps to conclusions. We assume connections that may or may not be true and we are too busy to stop and questions every decision our brain makes. To make sense of the world we quickly connects the dots and if it makes logical sense then we assume our information is correct.

    How many times a day do we do this?


    Secret of the seed - Spring Humor by Susan Sherbert

    Ready For Some Spring Humor

    Lip plant

    Lip plant

    The days are longer and the weather is getting warmer. It’s time to peel off the winter layers, and reach for the warmth of the sun. Oh, the joys of hanging around doing nothing more than basking in the hot sun. Life doesn’t get much better than that – until some gardener gets out his clippers and chops you off at the knees. Then your sun loving days are over and you are stuck in a vase of cold water and placed indoors and out of the sun forever. Life is tough out in the garden. 


    Life Lessons - Building a strong foundation

    It takes time when you are building a strong foundation

    Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

    I am enjoying my golf lessons but I'm getting tired of all this impact position stuff. I know I am building a strong foundation but I want to see progress now. Thank goodness my golf pro Andrew Thompson is patient and fully understands the importance of building a strong foundation because I just don't see it.

    Each week he adds another layer, another lesson, another thought reinforcement about the importance of that darn impact position. For weeks Andrew has been teaching, pestering, and even hounding me about the importance of the impact position. Well okay he isn't hounding or pestering me but that is kind of what it feels like. Every lesson this far has been about the impact of the ball on the position of the club face. Okay I get it! So when can we  jump ahead of the process and get to the good stuff! 


    Why are hearts the symbol of love

    How is did this organ become the symbol of love?

    A heart from this

    Last year I created this picture and one year later I still don't understand how this bloody organ has become the universal symbol of love. Not to mention the fact that the heart sign looks nothing like a real heart. What were the people who decide this stuff thinking! If it was me who had the privilege of creating the universal symbol of love I would have picked the smile instead.

    It just makes more sense. A smile is happy and nothing but full of positive emotion. Plus a smile looks like a smile, not some gross lump of yuck. 


    Golf and Life Lesson - Less is more

    When overcompensation happens the answer is less is more!

    Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

    I don't know if taking time off is good for the golf game but I do know that less is more. I had my first golf lesson of the new year with my Pro Andrew Thompson and I was trying really hard to remember things he taught me. I know I was getting really good at keeping the club face parallel to the ball. I had that one under control. That was until he said, "what the heck is that?" Huh?! I'm doing what you taught me, I'm keeping the face parallel to the ball. Apparently not. Apparently less is more.

    What I was doing was overcompensating.


    Time to look forward and a time to look back

    January - is a time for resolutions and a time to look back

    Susan SherbertSo how is the diet coming? Traditionally January is a time to make resolutions, start our goals, and get back on track with those darn diets, again. It is a time to look forward. But to me maybe it is a time to look back, a time to review what is working and what is not. And I don't imagine we have to look too far back to see that last year's January diet didn't make it all the way to the end of the year. What happened? What went wrong?


    Take a stand against violence

    I couldn't let it go - I had to take a stand against violence

    Most of you know that I'm all about thinking like a child and having fun, but the other day the grown-up in me had to take a stand against violence. I don’t like violent movies and I personally believe that violent images are not good for society as a whole. Our brain is this super powerful computer that when you put any kind of data in, good or bad, the mind will spin that image into an endless number of other scenarios.

    I don’t think most people fully comprehend the enormous influence the eye has on the brain.

    Once your brain gets a hold of an image it takes that single frame and blasts it into a hundred different directions.


    Golf and Life Lesson - Keep it simple

    When it comes to life or golf - keep it simple

    Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

    Golf and life are complex. There are a million little things all happening at once - so try to keep it simple as possible. Step away from the mental side of the game for a moment and look at something that we have some control over - our swing. When you can take things down to the absolute basics you are getting there. For example golf comes down to one thing. The club hitting the ball. Nothing else matters. If we focus on one simple objective everything else will either get in alignment with our goal, or get out of the way. This applies to life as well as golf.

    Having one simple vision, one single goal, makes everything so much easier. Keep it simple and clarify your objective.


    Golf and Life Lesson - Why the WHY is important

    Why is important because it answers our questions

    Golf and Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

    Why question mark

    As kids, when we reach a certain age we discover the power of answers! And that is why we go through that annoying "why phase."  Grown-ups may find the phase irritating but to a child why is important. We want answers! We don't want long explanations, confusing data, or excuses. All we want is knowledge. In my book I tell a story about a little kid that asks "What's a vasectomy?" The mother started to panic. She tried to avoid answering the question so she began to think of all kinds of stories and distractions. I shook my head and responded, "It's an operation so men can't make babies." Enough said.

    Why is important because it gives us the data we need to fill in the blanks.


    Golf and Life Lesson - Change Just Feels Funny

    Change is part of life but it just doesn't feel right

    Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

    Another golf lesson already? I haven't even become comfortable with the whole change the position of my divots yet. Okay yes my new swing is starting to feel a little bit better after all that practice but it's far from feeling comfortable. The swing change still feels funny!

    But isn't that the way life works? When we change anything, it just feels funny. Change is not comfortable, worn in, or well rehearsed. Change is awkward and often very uncomfortable. That is why so often people resist doing what needs to be done.


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