Imagine what you could accomplish if you were as fearless, passionate, and confident as a child…


Susan Sherbert Encourages You to
Discover the Power
 of Child-like Thinking

Author Susan Sherbert

Imagine how powerful your life could be if you were able to THINK like the fearless child you once were. Look at the comparison below and you will be amazed at the transition we take from childhood to adult. Like this list, my stories and lesson help remove those stubborn limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Once you become aware of the simplified mindset of a child you will begin to attract more fun, confidence, and success into your. It’s a real eye opener – or in a child’s world it would be a big WOW!
– Genuinely,  Susan Sherbert

A Kid’s World  verses  The Adult World

 Kids are                                               Adults are
Full of imagination  …………………..  Full of reality
See unlimited potential  ……………..  See the limitations

Curious about things  ………………..  Overwhelmed by things
Energetic and on the go  …………….  Needs downtime to relax
Spontaneous  ………………………….  Likes to plan
Enjoy the process  …………………….  Wants results
Fearless  ………………………………..  Fearful
Acceptance of others  ………………..  Try to change others
Don’t care what others think  ………  Afraid of what others think
Carefree  ………………………………..  Responsible
Enjoy chaos  …………………………….  Likes organization

This wonderful comparison shows the essence of what Susan Sherbert’s books, blog, and speaking is all about. She uses the rose colored glasses to help you see the things you need to see, then Susan asks you to put on the good guy white hat and do the things you need to do. When you can think  like a child, but act like a responsible grown-up you will have the CLARITY and ACTION that will change your life forever. This new awareness will create better habits, give you confidence, and have you believing in possibilities and dreams that you thought were long gone. Be inspired, face your fears and enjoy life again! 

Let Susan Sherbert, be your guide
on a journey back to your imagination and beyond!

A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses Unlocking the power of Clarity and Action

A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses
by Susan Sherbert

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Mike Ludlum
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have fun, be happy, enjoy life

I thought the book was just about smiling and being happy BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE!!!  I’m almost finished reading your book for the first time. The reason I said first time is because I know I’ll continue to re-read it to refresh my childish ways.  What I’m trying to say is thank you for the mind opening!”  

– Victoria McDonald


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Susan Sherbert’s Blog

    Are you aware of your child within

    White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 4

    "Are you aware of your child within or has the person you used to be been pushed aside and totally ignored"

    Be aware of the child within

    30 days of life lesson quotes. Almost everything I talk about is based around the idea of learning to THINK like a little four year old. We were all little kids once and our young minds start out as pure. Our thoughts are free from status, judgment, and discrimination. All we wanted was a bit of attention and maybe a smile for our efforts. Then we grew up.

    Now it is time to shift our adult way of thinking and try to be true to your young self.  That means you must attempt to reconnect with the thoughts and feelings of that absolutely pure little being you used to be. You have to become aware of who you were as a child. Of course you can’t survive in a world with the limited knowledge of a four year old. That would be ridiculous! But that doesn’t mean you should forget about the real you, the person you were before you started to accept the ideas, beliefs, and opinions of others.

    Try to remember what you used to enjoy, or what strong emotions you felt when you were young. What made you happy or sad as a child? What exciting ideas and dreams did your brain used to create? Reality changes our way of thinking but as an adult it is now up to us to choose the thoughts and feelings that we want to hold on to. It is time to reconnect with the ideas that inspire instead of focusing on thoughts of negativity and fear. 

    The whole point is if we could get back in touch with only part of the powerful being we once were, imagine how different our grow-up lives could be. Once we learn to think like a child, and act like an adult, it becomes easier to become the you, you want to be.

    This White Hat Awareness Life Lesson Quote is from chapter two in "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses" by Susan Sherbert


    Being Honest

    White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 3

     "Being Honest Helps Us See the Whole Uncomfortable Truth Problems and All"

    Day 3 Uncomfortable truth

    30 days of life lesson quotes. In my latest book, the White Hat representates action and to me one of the most important actions we need to conquer is the truth.

    As humans we care about people so we may lie to protect others from  emotional pain. Too often this does more damage than good because whatever the problem is it still exists. Lies rarely fix things, they only hide or delay the emotions.

    It’s a bit like sweeping dirt under a rug. The issue is still there. The lie only covers it up so no one can see it. Whatever it is that we try to hide behind the lie will be waiting for us to be dealt with sometime in the future. Seeing at least some of the dirt is a good thing. You need to be aware of what is causing you damage so you can figure out how to repair it. Covering it up or pretending the truth doesn’t exist is not helpful in the long run.

    This White Hat Awareness Life Lesson Quote is from the chapter on Truth in "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses" by Susan Sherbert


    Give and Receive Freely

    White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 2

     "Give and Receive Freely with
    No Conditions or Expectations

    Day 2 give and receive

    30 days of life lesson quotes. Like most of my quotes, the lesson is simple yet meaningful. However there is a bit of a twist. For many it's the receiving part that can be difficult.

    We have learned to become skeptical when we accept something from others or we forget to appreciate the thoughtfulness and devalue the kindness being offered with unconscious deflections such as "Oh you shouldn't have."

    Maybe it’s time to bring back your childhood schooling and remember that it truly is the thought that counts. See the gratitude in the gift and don’t feel bad about receiving kindness from others. Accept the present, compliment, or assistance without the guilt. Welcome, receive, and appreciate the generosity others choose to give.

    This White Hat Awareness Life Lesson Quote is from the chapter on Gratitude in "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses" by Susan Sherbert


    Every Choice Matters!

    Day 1 every choice matters

    White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 1

     "Every Choice We Make Matters

    Welcome to my 30 days of life lesson quotes. This quote came from a chapter about risks and the choices we make everyday. I chose to start with this quote because like with so many of my lesson, it's simple yet there is so much more to it. In fact, the basis of all of my books and blogs are about just that... learing to view the world with the pure and simple mindset of a child. Adults too often make life way more complicated than it has to be. 

    Right now my choice is to keep this post short and simple so here is a paragraph from A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses that I would like to share:

    "We need to bring some of our choices up to the surface so we can become fully awake and aware of the thoughts and feelings that influence our actions. Our success depends on it. It doesn’t matter if our choices are influenced by mom or dad. It doesn’t matter if we decide to take a risk or play it safe. What is important is that every choice we make matters! The more we can become aware of the reasons behind our decisions, the more we will make better decisions in the future."

    No need to complicate things by saying anything more. Another post to come tomorrow.



    30 Day Challenge

    Small Actions For A 30 Day Challenge

    30 day logoI cannot tell you how many times I have seen some kind of 30 day challenge floating around these days, and I know there is a lot of data about turning small actions into long-term habits. Plus half of "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses" is dedicated to taking good guy hero actions, so I thought, "What the Heck! Might as well join in." Besides I have tons of great quotes from my books that I wanted to start posting so it seemed like a perfect fit.

    That means starting in the next post I will be posting quotes from my book for the next 30 days. But what I did not expect was after a simple conversation with photographer Monique Dodge, I had company. She decided to do her own 30 day challenge and post her photography to social media for 30 days. So again, what heck! Why don't we all join in and commit to doing something really small, but meaningful for the next 30 days.

    In my last few speaking engagements a lot of people told me they dream of traveling, so maybe you could look up a new city everyday for the next month. Or how about journaling? Many people say they are going to do it, well why not now?! Don't stress over this or make it a big deal! Keep it simple but join Monique and I and take one small action, like walking around the block every day (Hey not a bad idea). Any thoughts floating around in your head? Maybe you don't make your bed everyday, or put all of the dishes in the sink. Now is a good time to change that! Maybe you have been toying with the idea of giving up eat meat, or maybe you want to read to your kids everyday. Don't put it off, start today. Oh, I got one, are you one of those guy that has a wife or girlfriend complaining about leaving the seat up? Come on make an effort- it's only for 30 days.

    Let those ideas flow and join our 30 day challenge. Simply decide on one small task and keep it going for 30 days. And don't forget to please post on our social media pages. Whatever adventure you decide big or small, let us know so we can support and encourage you. And the grand thing about it all is... we have now idea where these small action will take us! But don't wait! Start today.


    Susan Sherbert was a guest on Life In Purple

    Laura Spragg interviews Susan Sherbert on Life in Purple

    Life In Purple 170x170

    I recently did an interview with the energetic Laura Spragg on her podcast Life in Purple. And Laura goes above and beyond because not only does she do a fantastic interview but she then follows it up with a summary on her blog. Here is Laura's take on our interview...


    Fearless or Fearful?

    Have you ever wished that you could be a kid again? Do you remember ever being fearless??  What was it, that caused you to start doubting yourself in the first place? These are questions that have been going through my mind since Thursday’s episode with Susan Sherbert.  She believes that we all should get back to child like thinking… the “I can do anything…” thinking.  Susan is the best selling author of “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses.”  She believes that when you bring back your imagination, creativity and fearless way of thinking then your stubborn resistance and fears melt away making room for dreams, passion, and success.

    The ideal age of “thinking like a child” is four years old.  It just so happens that I have a four year old living in my house, so I totally get what Susan means when she says “think like a child.” As I observe the behavior of my four year old, I see the “fearless mindset” she talks about.  My son, has huge dreams and passion and he certainly thinks he is successful; and really, nothing seems to stop him from getting what he wants, even if he is told no.  I may be frustrated with him, but the question might be how do I harbor this gift to hone in on how fearless he is with his dreams and passion?


    As I was interviewing Susan, I asked her what she thought were the most common fears that hold us back from success?  Her reply was that there were mainly three fears that hold us back.

    Fear of Failure
    Fear of What other people think about us
    Fear of Change

    “It’s really about the resistance that people have to all three that cause the fear,” She stated.  Now, I’m asking myself, “What is it that I fear?” I definitely can relate to all three mentioned.  I think the biggest fear that I face, is FEAR OF CHANGE.  Even if it is the good kind of change.  I think she’s definitely right about the resistance.  If we can ask ourselves why we fear something and can get to the root of the matter, than we can conquer that fear.  By the way, Did you all know that fear is a learned behavior?



    During our interview, the words, “BE AWARE” kept resonating with me. Read more...

    Listen to Podcast


    What is important in your life?


    If it's important make it a priority

    What is important in your life? That sounds like a fairly basic questions and when asked many people will automatically respond with some combination of faith, family and friends. So if people know what is important, then what is the problem? Well, in "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses" I talk about both clarity and action and it is often the action part where things fall apart. 

    I realize we can’t spend our days doing exactly what we want even if we do know what is important in our life. And even if we have found our passion and purpose there is work to be done. Responsibility, work, time, and money are all major factors in the adult world. Money must be made, bills must be paid, and there are things to buy. As a result our priorities get pushed aside and we get all caught up in the actions of now.


    When time and money are meaningless

    When time and money are meaningless, those are the moments we must pay attention to

    A person being too busy is a myth

    To me, what many adults are lacking are those rare moments where nothing else matters. People say they want to have more fun but then they don’t do anything about it. They continue on with work, stress, and worry. They think that they don’t have time for fun yet, fun is important because when we are in those happy moments we almost transcend time. When we engage in positive actions we love, we let go of our fears and worries and lose ourselves in the pure energy of innocent fun and absolute joy. Our bodies feel the good vibrations they have been missing, craving even. We welcome the distraction because we temporarily have some breathing room to stretch out and enjoy. It is in those moments that our brains can relax and dream of our future. When we immerse ourselves in positive activities time and money no longer exist, and that feels pretty darn good.

    On some level we know we need to make time for the things we enjoy yet we resist because we have too many demands on our time. Many adults struggle with letting go because they find they can’t even imagine the possibility of taking time out of a busy day to shut down, reload, and truly feel the exhilaration or peace of being worry free. Yet a few moments of positive energy should not be too much to ask. Even taking a moment to look up and notice the beauty in the sky that is there for us every day can help.

    Make a conscious effort to slow the body down and give the brain some time to catch up. When your mind is at ease, your body will follow and you will relax;


    Fun Practical Joke - How to Short Sheet a bed

    How to Short Sheet a Bed 

    Many of you know that I sold over 4,000 copies of my book about how to short sheet a bed. Hopefully that means you can pull off this fun yet safe practical joke and will share this humorous prank with future generations. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, here is a cute video we put together about how short sheeting a bed is done.

    This fun little book changed my life!

    Learn the secret to Short Sheeting a bed

    There is more to my short sheeting a bed adventure then you may think. Did you know that this fun little 28 page book changed my life? When I wrote Learn the secret to Short Sheeting a Bed I had no idea it would put me on the path to the become the writer that I am today.  But before I tell you my story I have to brag about my 5 star review on Amazon because this little book really will surprise you!


    Thoughts and Actions are everything!

    Thoughts AND Actions
    are a powerful combination!

    Thoughts and actions are everything! They are a magical combination that can change just about anything. In theory if we change our thoughts then our actions are likely to follow. Sounds simple enough, but we are adults so life is always more complex then we realize.Quote by Susan Sherbert


    There are thousands of reasons why we may not be able to control the power of our thoughts and actions, but one thing I do know is that passion and purpose is within you right now. I have no idea the secrets Mother Nature holds but I do know that seeds, like your dreams, come from within. Everything required to grow your thoughts into something strong and beautiful already exists. How seeds are made is a mystery, but I know that plants and humans both have all of the resources they need and when the time is right, seeds will begin to form. It’s just like that with your goals and desires. Your inspiration already exists. It is within you right now. You just have to wake up those thoughts, take better actions, and make some space so your seeds have room to grow.


    St. Patrick's Day Humor

    Have you ever noticed there are no Female Leprechauns?

    Happy St. Patricks Day Humor

    You don’t have to be Irish to drink green beer or get pinched for not wearing green. I’m sure there are many people with zero Irish heritage that celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It is kind of fun with odd little leprechauns, lucky four leaf clovers, corned beef, cabbage and the elusive pot of gold, but what I want to know is, how did a whole day on the American calendar get set aside for people who are proud to be Irish?

    But an even better question is... Where are all the female leprechauns? Well I'm pretty good at making up reasonable theories for stuff so I think it must be because the little green men pretty much suck at dating. Here are some corny joke reasons why the male leprechauns will be forever single.

    If a leprechaun had a girlfriend... He would be GREEN with envy

    If a leprechaun had a girlfriend... He would think LUCKY CHARMS was jewelry

    If a leprechaun had a girlfriend... Their song would be "Somewhere under the rainbow"

    If a leprechaun had a girlfriend... And he got mad she would be served Irish STEW for days

    If a leprechaun had a girlfriend... He would expect green yogurt because it's all about the CULTURE

    If a leprechaun had a girlfriend... She would never find his pot of gold  because he is a lepreCON after all

    If a leprechaun had a girlfriend... All you could say is "Good Luck!"

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    Removing one of my limiting beliefs

    Buy My New Book TODAY!

    There I said it! Buy my book. A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses is all about removing limiting beliefs, discovering the things that are holding you back, and facing fears by taking the right actions. Well, I have to say this book is changing MY life too.

    One of my limiting beliefs is about money. I hate to ask for the sale and I'm not very good at asking for help either. I would have totally preferred to say things like "check out my new book", "my book is now on Amazon", or "read a sample chapter" but I can't do that anymore. Why? Because my very own book has helped bring clarity and awareness to one of the things that is holding me back.


    Asking for permission

    You are an adult now. This is important because
    you don’t need to be asking for permission anymore!

    permission is granted by you

    The permission is granted by you! Part of growing up is learning that we get to choose what movies to watch, what friends to have and what clothes to wear. This "not asking for permission" stuff is fabulous! We can stay up late, eat junk food, and play loud music if we desire. We have the permission and the power to make our own decisions and it feels fantastic. But eventually life settles down and very slowly we somehow begin to give this power away.

    It all starts out quite innocently at first. Lets say you are out shopping and see a sweater (or something like that) but can't decide if you prefer the green or the blue. You immediately picked up the phone to call a friend to get her opinion. "What color do you think I should get?" It all sound so normal, but when you really think about it... how in the world does someone else know what color you want?


    New Year Resolutions

    Make a year long promise that matters! Time to make those New Year Resolutions!

    But why bother? It's not like New Year Resolutions are going to change your life or anything dramatic like that. And if you have already started the whole diet thing then in a few months I reserve the right to say "I told you so."  For too many years to count I have written about how starting a diet in January is just plain stupid. It goes against nature. It's winter - a time to eat and hibernate, not sweat and starve. Save the diets for Spring and let's move on to more important things.

    prioritiesThe problem is, too many of us simply don't pay attention to what is important in our lives so we make New Year Resolutions about silly stuff that sounds good at the time. So what I would like to suggest instead is that you spend just a few moments of your valuable time and truly examine what is important in your life. I have an entire chapter in my new book about priorities and that is a fantastic place to start. So what do YOU want? What is important to YOU - not your kids. Not your spouse. Not your boss. What pleases you and what is important in your life? 

    I have an upcoming blog all about priorities and what is important but for now let's simply bring awareness to where you are at the moment. Of course faith, family, and friends are usually on the top of the list of important things in life, so ask yourself if you are being true to your priorities. Be honest! Do you make the time for the things you say matter or are you too busy rushing off to the gym so you can fit into that dream bikini or favorite pair of jeans? Why not go for a hike with the family, or get outside and do some volunteer work. 

    I suppose the point I am trying to make is instead of taking the easy way out by making New Year Resolutions just because everyone else is doing it, why not put a little bit of mental effort into it. Come up with a promise or a resolution that really matters. What small thing can you do now that adds meaning and purpose to the entire rest of the year? Make it simple, make it meaningful, and make it happen.... And that is the right way to begin a new year.


    Written by Susan Sherbert author of "A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses"

    Let a heartfelt Thank You be enough

    The holidays are stressful enough
    so why complicate the season?

    Let a heartfelt "Thank You" be enough. For example when we receive gifts from someone that we did not buy a gift for, suddenly up pops some hidden scale or scorecard and we begin to stress or panic. But that is just total nonsense because we do not have to match every gift with something in return. It's not a gift exchange. It's not a competition and life isn't fair... and in this case that is totally okay. 

    Let a heartfelt THANK YOU be enough

    When did this tit for tat mentality become attached to the generosity of the season? Aren't the holidays about giving - not receiving? And isn't it the thought that counts? If all of those tried and true sayings are valid, then why do we feel bad when someone hands us a gift?

    It shouldn't be uncomfortable to receive a present!


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